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下川佳乃 Yoshino Shimokawa
下川佳乃 Yoshino Shimokawa


Summary of this article
  • Explain clearly about AgeTech companies for chaos map
  • Downloadable table summarizing companies’ details
  • What kind of AgeTach companies are there?

What is AgeTech?

AgeTech is a generic term for technology designed for the elderly.
Age + Technology = AgeTech

Especially in Japan, the population is aging society and known worldwide as a country where AgeTech is obviously spreading.

The following article provides more information about AgeTech.  Please refer to them as well.

エイジテック(Age Tech)とは?高齢者DXで超高齢社会の課題を解決

AgeTech by Categolies

“AgeTech” have various services which depend on the situation and purpose.

Japan where the population is aging society has a lot of AgeTech companies. GoldenYears organized those companies by categories using chaos maps.

Categories of AgeTech
  1. Health
  2. Mental and physical ・improve QOL
  3. Independence support
  4. Social participation
  5. Organization management

We will look a little more closely at the following by categories.

1. Health

Agetech 健康カテゴリー

In the health category, cover many companies that provide online health consultation, medical care, and medication guidance services using smartphones and tablets and other devices are featured.

Many of these services are recommended for people who have difficulty going outside or are worrying about nosocomial infection because people can use them from home without visiting a hospital or other facilities.

Company Example

2. Wellness

Agetech Wellnessカテゴリー

In the Wellness category, cover many companies that provide services to improve the daily lives of the elderly, both mentally and physically are featured.

As a small category, there are various grouping such as Family Connections/ Fall prevention/ Clothing Type Devices/ assets management. As can be seen from this, there are many services that improve the quality of life of the elderly not only physically, but also through the reduction of the burden of caregiving and the DX of assets and inheritance.

Company Example
  • Moff Corporation: Wearable terminal capable of motion recognition in three dimensions「Moff Band」
  • Hubbit Corporation :Tablet device for elderly with concierge「Carebee」

3. Independence support

Agetech 自立支援カテゴリー

In the independence support category, cover many companies that provide services to support the independence of the elderly are featured.

There are many services that support their daily lives by providing monitoring services, counselling for their concerns, IT literacy support, and transportation in order to realize a society in which the elderly themselves can do many things according to their wishes.

Company Example

4. Social participation

AgeTech 社会参加カテゴリー

In the Social participation category, services are provided for the elderly population, who often have difficulty getting out and about and tend to participate less socially as they age.

There are many AgeTech companies which are contributing to the social participation of the elderly with services such as communication robots and support for job seekers.

Company Example

5. Organization management

AgeTech 組織運営カテゴリー

In the Organization management category, cover many companies that provide services to support reducing the workload of nursing care offices and job recruitment are featured.

Company Example
  • Welmo Corporation :Artificial intelligence care planning service「Mirumo Plan」
  • SMS Corporation:Recruitment information for nursing care profession「Kaigo Job」

AgeTech Chaos Map Download

AgeTech map_2022

The chaos map is introduced above by category however, you can download the entire PDF HERE.

If you would like to enlarge the image to see more details or save it, you can download and use it.

Download the list of AgeTech companies

There are various AgrTech companies In addition, focused on companies introduced in this article.

In the GoldenYears, We have compiled a spreadsheet in both English and Japanese with the name of the company, business details, categories, and website URLs of the approximately 90 AgeTech companies listed in the chaos map.

AgeTech スプレッドシート

You can download the spreadsheet for free from the below.

We hope this will be useful for you.


パソコン 高齢者

Even though the life of the elderly, depends on the person who wants ideal health conditions and lifestyle.

It is important to choose the best service for your parents’ life and IT literacy.

Regarding the service for wheelchairs and other services, we recommend checking products’ Websites carefully because when requiring long-term care use some services, they might be able to use the national elder-care insurance system.

In addition, Hubbit Corporation, the operator of this GoldenYears, provides the aforementioned “Carebee” tool for bridging the digital divide.

We are confident that we can help any person. So, if you are interested in our company, please contact us.  We are available not only for those who are blind but also for those who are hard of hearing or have difficulty speaking clearly.

Please feel free to ask us.

>>Click here for an introduction to the Carebee service, a tool for clearing the digital divide

We will continue to practice diligence to be the No.1 AgeTech company with Hubbit Corporation’s mission is “to realize better the end of their lives with IT”.